niche research

A quick/easy guide to help you choose your niche

“get rich quick schemes”

These schemes that you will come across all over the internet are just that – schemes.


you cannot expect to earn thousands of dollars in a couple of weeks just by buying into some programme, or buying some e book, that a lot of these so called internet marketing experts are telling you will get you rich at the push of a button, seriously! it just don’t work that way.



The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.

 Becoming successful on the Internet does take time and some work, there are no shortcuts to being successful.   That being said, nowadays to start and maintain a successful online business is nowhere near as hard as it once was.

Many successful online marketers use niche marketing, and when you have done your own research and found your ideal niche, there is no reason why you cant be successful also.


So how do you do this correctly.

You will do a little bit of research, find what people are searching for (ie:- a hungry crowd/targeted buyers), you will then provide to them that which they are searching for. This will be your niche.

Build a website based around your topic form which you will either sell products/services, or promote them. This moneymaking method has made a lot of people rich, basically as it offers high conversion rates and gives you a higher return on your investments.

So, how do you come up with the perfect niche for you to jump into.

Your first task will be to make a list of topics (say 4 to 6), the topics could be anything at random to start with, anything that you just pop out of your head, eg: dog, children, camera, you get the picture.

Now you would do a bit of research with the use of a keyword analysis type tool, (google search bar can be used here), type these words in the search box one at a time. The topics we have are way too broad, so we will want to break them down a bit into smaller topics. These are what we call niches.

A keyword analysis tool like Google AdWords keyword tool, for example, you will get the following terms for the “dog” topic:

• Dog breeds
• Dog grooming
• Dog supplies
• Dog training

Still too broad to be called a niche though, (mind you if want to build a big authority site you could go for these, i wouldn’t recommend it though). However, if you want a more targeted niche, you can continue to dig deeper into each of these topics. So, if you are interested in “dog training” then do a keyword search on it.

You will likely get the following topics:

• Acoma dog training
• Adult dog training
• Adult dog potty training
• Aggressive dog behavior training


And so on…

So if any of the topics on this list appeals to you based on factors such as high monthly search volume and low competition, then you can go ahead and find a list of keywords for this niche that you can create content on.  You should choose a niche that has a large list of keywords or related keywords so that you can build more content for your site. The bigger your site, the better.


Once you have your niche picked out, you would then proceed with building your website and start the process of monetizing it. Learn how here

I hope that this helps you.
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