wealthy affiliate honest review


what is wealthy affiliate?

What can I tell you, WA is a place where you have everything you could ever need to build a successful online business, and it is all in one place.

You have no need to be searching all over the net to find different pieces of the jigsaw.  You can create, grow and manage your new business in the one place, even if you already have an online presence you will find a ton of useful stuff within WA.

With literally thousands of members, all benefiting from an all boxes ticked experience, from creating your websites to hosting on a state of the art platform, with thousands of training modules covering everything you could ever need, and ongoing support 24/7

There is a community at Wealthy Affiliate that i believe to be second to none. Spammers are not welcome and this is something that first attracted me (we all hate spam don’t we).

If your goal is to earn money by working online, get the support from like minded people, and learn from the experts, then wealthy affiliate is the fit for you.

The founders at wealthy affiliate are easy to get in touch with and they will help you on your journey without a doubt. The community at WA is very active and when you have a problem you will get the help you need in real quick fashion.

Why become a wealthy affiliate!

As you are on this review it would seem that you are interested in online business and the rewards that can come with it. You maybe want to learn how to build a successful online business, and then actually do it. At Wealthy Affiliate you will learn how to do it, the steps that you need to take, you don’t have to be tech savvy.

Seriously if you can turn your computer on and do the simplest of tasks, like read emails, then you are more than capable of building your own online business. Everything you will need can be found at Wealthy Affiliate.

What do you get with WA.

Some of the things that are to love below,(there is a ton more though).

.Getting started(a simple step by step show how)(real easy)

.a ton of video tutorials, classes and courses to cover everything

.An interactive VERY HELPFUL community to hang out in

.Full interactive classrooms on all topics

.24/7 live help

.free, state of the art websites(2)

.Secure/fast hosting

.Strictly SPAM FREE environment

.totally FREE to start(no catches/strings)

One last thing, which is a big no brainer for most. You get access to all of this for zero cost, yep FREE. WA is the only programme I have come across that does this, and I know you will love your experience there.

Who Is It For?

Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone who has an interest in online business, whether they are complete newcomers or seasoned marketers. If you are already running a successful online business you can scale to a whole new level. The members area is second to none and you will soon see how good the active community really is.

Basically, EVERYBODY, can be involved in this awesome community. Wherever you are in the world, if you have an internet connection (mobile, ipad or whatever), Wealthy Affiliate is for you.


What About The Training?

once again, This is a bit of a no brainer….

it is comprehensive, very organized and very up to date. The training caters for all levels of expertize, including the marketers that are further along the road. It is all available in different formats: 

  • weekly training classes – “live”
  • Q&A Sessions
  • classrooms on different topics
  • Interaction (discussions)
  • Video and tutorial training
  • courses based around specific tasks

There is a ton of real powerful training modules in Wealthy affiliate, each classroom covers a different online business model that can be used to leverage an income online.

That is just the tip of the iceberg – (so to speak) – there is also all the tools you will need “ever” to run a successful business online.…

What Else Do You Get?

ALL the tools you will need for your research, website building and hosting. Within the members area you will find:


  • research tool for keywords & competition
  • a 3 click website builder
  • keyword lists that have been cherry picked
  • over 2,400 website templates/themes available
  • over 30,000 different “features” you can add to your website
  • rapid content writer

Once inside Wealthy Affiliate, the tools and services that you need to run your business successfully are all included, there is no need to worry about this. WA is the only all “inclusive package” you can find.


The Community.

If you need help, it can be found within the community very quickly, no need to search google or whatever for your answers. It really is great to know that help is at hand in a timely fashion whenever you need it. especially when it comes to trying to make money online with your own business.

You get this at Wealthy Affiliate with a interactive 24/7 community and a second to none support system. There is support for any topic, and responses to your questions are extremely quick.…

  • 24/7/365 Chat
  • Interactive Discussions
  • Live Question & Answer sessions
  • 1 on 1 support
  • access to community experts

Basically, you are never left “hanging”, like you are with so many other services out there..

People, to this day, don’t believe me when I tell them that the founders of WA take time to help people out. Within Wealthy Affiliate though it is really true, the founders can be found interacting with the community on a daily basis, and they can really fast track your business to becoming successful. Seriously, take a leap of faith here and have a look (link).

So What Will I Be Doing In Wealthy Affiliate?

What you will be doing is quite simple really….below is a diagram of how it all works (don’t get hung up on the diagram though you will be learning very easily how to do this). There is a ton of things you can do to earn money online and you will find them all within Wealthy Affiliate. The diagram is just to simplify things for you.

So here is the process…..

How Wealthy Affiliate Works

Once you become an active member of Wealthy Affiliate, you will have a couple of options. When you join, you are given two options.  You can build a business around a passion, for example – maybe your into dog training, photography, or whatever. There are tons of directions you can go in and this will be your starting point, the initial training course will show you how to turn your interest/passion into a full time business online. That would be good right?.

What if you don’t have a passion or a topic yet. That’s fine, there is an affiliate bootcamp in WA where you will have a predefined topic to build a business from. It is a complete step by step, hold your hand training schedule starting at the very beginning. No experience is needed and it is very easy to follow along with the training that is provided.

It all begins with a niche web site and is going to end with you earning money in a whole load of ways from that website. All this can be found within WA, basically it will be from promotion of affiliate programmes, ads, and various other means.

What Does It Cost?

Wealthy Affiliate has two membership price points:

Starter Membership, $0 (Join Here)
Premium Membership, $49 per month / $359 per year (Join Here)

FREE, That seems too good to be genuine.    When you join WA as a starter, you will have instant access to the community: this includes over 500 training modules, 2 free websites, access to keyword tool and much more.

I totally recommend you join WA and start for “free” so that you will see for yourself just how good it is and what can be achieved.

There really isn’t another programme out there that can match the “FREE” starter membership that WA offers……

What About Premium?

This is where you need to be if you are seriously interested in an online business, this is the total ” all inclusive” platform.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium was created to get rid of all of the costs you would have to concern yourself with during you day to day tasks and activities. Things like…HOSTING FEES…WEBSITE BUILDER FEES…KEYWORD TOOL FEES…WRITING TOOLS…DOMAINS…etc, the list is endless. All these costs have vanished in WA and are covered with single low payment for everything.

Honestly, once you are a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member you will never need to be forking out your money on another book by some so called internet guru, internet scam, or some expensive course that pertains to showing you how to succeed online. Seriously, everything you could ever need is within WA, including the real 1 on 1 help from living, breathing, human and proven experts, hey!! what’s not to like.

never get scammed again online if you are a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate.

join WA  now for “free” see you on the inside

you will never know what you have been missing unless you take action.





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