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First off what is this site all about.

It has been put in place to help anybody who has an interest in having their own online business without all the scams, the confusion, the not knowing how to start and what they need to do.

My name is ian and I have experienced all the scam products, and the promises by the so called “internet gurus” first hand. When I first started out I got burned and spent a whole lot of cash without getting anywhere.

You have seen the sort of thing I mean, you know the offers of wealth and the guarantees that you will get your money back if it don’t work for you, these guarantees are nine times out of ten not worth “diddly”. Seriously, try and get your money back (it is a nightmare). The best things to look for are the ones that allow you to try for free. You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive, you wouldn’t buy a TV from a retailer without seeing it working, so why buy into an internet business just on faith alone.

Maybe I was a bit gullible then, but I have certainly learnt by the mistakes I first made in this whole internet business thing.

On this site you will get only genuine information. Our goal is to keep you away from the scams and the programmes that are basically not legitimate, and save you from losing your hard earned cash.

Only genuine business programmes will be recommended here (after extensive review). If they don’t meet the criteria that is needed then we will keep away from them – is that a deal?

The Magic Button….

You really cant think that you will get the success that you are looking for at the push of some magic button, I am sure you have seen the types of things I mean, (you know, the guru taking your hard earned cash and telling you that by this time tomorrow you will have cash flying into your bank account),… please don’t be sucked into this.

The world of online business is a vast area and it is so easy to become stuck in information overload syndrome, where you have so much going on, but you are actually achieving nothing at all, yet they will still take your money from you.

So many people spend so much time on trying to juggle everything they are being told, yet they are actually doing nothing in reality except working like crazy to achieve absolutely zilch – (hard lesson here I know, but this is how it was for me and many others to start with).


Online Success

To be truly successful online you need to have the correct programme/system in place, you need to have the support and the necessary training to do this the right way. There is no need to keep jumping onto the next big shiny thing that comes into your mail inbox, you could be doing that forever and still not get very far.

You can check out our no 1 recommendation here

Seriously, to be successful in this business you have to take action, follow a simple proven plan and learn what you need from the right people with a good support network.

What is needed to start?…

To start your own online business you need to have the following in place:

You need the right mindset…you need to know that this is your way forward and that you and only you are responsible for your success, (but there is help and guidance available)

Have a website…this is your real estate so to speak, this is where people come and see what you are offering.

A willingness to learn and implement new skills…(you can learn all this very easily at the right place)

Copy the strategies of already successful marketers…please don’t fall for the scammers.

Starting Right

Basically, if you are wanting to start your own online business (and be successful), it boils down to your mindset and your willingness to learn, but to learn the right way. Everything you need to start and run a business online that will earn you revenue is within reach.

There is absolutely no need to be spending a ton of money to do all this.

There are programmes out there which will suck you in, and once they have their hooks into you it becomes a horror story of how much money they will either take or try and take from you. You can end up in limbo and have nowhere to go, and then you will either give up or move onto the next scam that sucks you in… I DONT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN TO YOU!

If you want to start online correctly, then check out the no 1 recommendation here.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Please leave questions below or message me on the inside.

Your friend ian